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Co2 Cannons

Co2 Cannons are one of many ways to make your wedding different than all of the other weddings you have been to! Amaze your guests when you walk in and clouds of smoke erupt from the cannons and create a visually stimulating entrance!

Co2 Cannon Entrance.jpeg

Co2 Cannon Basics

Co2, or Carbon Dioxide, is a completely safe, odorless gas that shoots out of cannons to wow your guests! Much like cold sparks, these cannons can go off sporadically throughout the night to highlight big events throughout your wedding like the couples grand entrance, bouquet/garter toss, and the last dance. 

Turn Up the Party!

After the beautiful ceremony, the tear-jerking first dance, and the elegant dinner, there is no better way to tell your guests to get up on their feet and dance then some Co2 Cannons! These concert-grade cannons will make it loud and clear that it is time to celebrate and let loose!

co2 cannons2.jpeg
Co2 Cannons_edited.jpg

Keeping With the Theme

Although the gas is always going to be white, our cannons come equipped with LED lights to change the color of the smoke to whatever color you would like! If keeping with the color scheme and theme of your wedding is critical, don't worry, our technicians will handle it!

Be sure to check out our Co2 Gun page if you want a hand held version of the cannons!

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