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Co2 Gun

Co2 guns are rising in popularity in the wedding industry! This safe, fun, and memorable add-on is one great way to cool off your guests from all the dancing they will be doing!


Co2 Gun Basics

Ready Entertainment's Co2 Gun is a fun little gadget that sprays Co2 all over your guests on the dance floor. Don't worry! this colorless, odorless, gas just feels like a cold burst of wind when falling on your guests. There are tons of fun ways to incorporate this gun to your wedding!

Turn up the fun

Ready Entertainment's Co2 gun allows the bride and groom to spray cool smoke all over their guests! This blast of cold smoke is an unforgettable sight and super fun for everyone. Take it a step further and add Co2 cannons to your event to really turn up the fun!

Remember to Never Under-Light and Work With a Company That Knows the Area and Venues

What better way to let your friends and family know you love them then spraying them with Co2! This safe gas will cool your guests down and spark up the dance floor! Kids love it, grandparents love it, and most of all, the bride and groom love it! Ask about the Co2 gun discount when booking with the Co2 cannon!

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