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String Lighting

Whether you need scenic lighting outside or inside, Ready Entertainment's string lighting package will make sure your wedding looks like a fairytale! 

Outdoor Wedding Decorations

String Lighting Basics

Ready Entertainment's string lights are weatherproof and able to be utilized indoor or outdoor for your big day. The soft yellow glow from the string lights make for great photos and enhances the overall elegance of the entire room

Focus on Important Areas

Make sure to include string lighting in your package if there are any rooms or areas throughout your wedding that will be in a dimly lit room. These string lights will beautifully transform any room into a picturesque scene from your favorite disney movie. 

String Lighting 2.webp
String lighting 3.jpeg

Leave it to the Professionals

Ready Entertainment's lighting technicians know exactly how to map out a room and strategically place string lights to maximize the string lights capability. Our techs will work closely with the venue and ensure that not only are the string lights beautifully placed, but they will also ensure that it will not get in the way.

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