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Photo booth

A staple for all weddings is the Photo Booth! Let your guests take a piece of the night with them that they will have to remember your special day. With multiple backdrops to choose from, there is always a place for a rockin' photo booth at your wedding!


Photo Booth Basics

Ready Entertainment's Photo booth comes with everything you can imagine! The pictures are taken with a DSLR camera and printed instantly with our photo booth printer. Print as many copies as you need! Ready Entertainment also gives our clients a complimentary physical photo booth album. Your guests will be able to write in the album right next to their picture. 

Sharing Station and Prop Bar

Unlike other Photo Booth companies, Ready Entertainment's Photo Booth comes with a sharing station. This allows your guests to view all the photos that have been taken throughout the night and even send the pictures directly to their phones!

Our Prop Bar is always loaded with the newest props for your big day. Our dedicated photo booth operator will always make sure that they are organized and neatly waiting for your guests to grab!


Completely Customizable to your liking

When our clients book a photo booth with Ready Entertainment, they have the flexibility to turn the photos into whatever they like! We will provide templates for their choosing to make sure the photo booth picture matches the theme and color scheme of the wedding. Completely customizable, simple, and fun!

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