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Dancing on a Cloud

Dancing on a Cloud feature is one add-on that your guests won't forget about! Dance to your first dance song as billows of fog gracefully sweep the dance floor and stay low to the ground to resemble a cloud

Dancing on a Cloud Basics

The idea of “dancing on a cloud” typically takes place during your first dance or parent’s dances, crowding your dance floor with elegant, cloud-like smoke. In addition, this technique uses heated water and dry ice, which is completely safe to use! This fairytale-esque feature will not set off any fire alarms or cause and damage to any hardwood or carpet. 

Entertain Your guests from the moment you step on the dance floor

This feature is not only great for your guests, it will also look beautiful in all of your wedding photos/videos. Our technicians at Ready Entertainment will make sure the dance floor looks like you are truly dancing on soft, white clouds. 


No Odor, No Residue, No Worries!

As mentioned earlier, the Dancing on a Cloud feature is simply dry ice being dipped into hot water. There is no smell, residue, or fear of fire alarms. Make sure to double check with your venue to see if they are okay with this feature!

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