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Custom Monogram

An often overlooked product, our Custom Monogram is a crowd favorite and gives our clients and their guests a classy feature when they step into the reception hall

Custom Monogram Basics

Custom Monogram, or Gobos, is a subtle touch that will be a popular photo spot for you and your guests. a metal disk is custom made and our gobo light will display the design of your choice on any wall and any size. 

Elegant Backdrop

Our guests love the monogram so much that they tend to put the light directly behind their sweetheart table. This completely customizable light can be stationed wherever there is a blank wall.


It's The Little Things That Count

Do you need a custom monogram to make your wedding day special? Of course not! However, this splash of light on the wall makes for a great photo opportunity for your guests. This lighting enhancement comes with our "Wow Factor" Package and you can even keep the metal monogram template as a keepsake after your wedding!

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