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Cold Sparks

By far the most popular add-on this wedding season, Cold Sparks make for an amazing, fairytale entrance to your reception. These cold sparks can go off whenever you would like and really wow your guests!

Cold Sparks.jpg

Cold Sparks Basics

Cold Spark machines work by heating granules of titanium and zirconium powder to create glowing sparks, before quickly cooling them to a safe temperature. The sparks keep their glow even when cold, thus producing a safe and non-flammable special effect. Although extremely safe, Ready Entertainment technicians are thoroughly trained to handle this equipment and ensure they go off without a hitch!

Fun, Safe, and Beautiful

Cold Sparks are great for a grand entrance as well as a real jaw dropper during the first dance! These machines can go off multiple times throughout the night (bouquet/garter toss, grand finale, sparkler photos). Make sure to check with you venue if they allow cold sparks!

Cold Sparks.jpeg

Take unforgettable pictures with your guests on the dance floor!

Ready Entertainment technicians will strategically place the cold sparks by the entrance of the reception for the couple's grand entrance. After that, the techs will then position them in spots by the dance floor in order to maximize the use of the cold sparks. These machines will go off multiple times throughout the night to ensure the dance floor stays packed all night!

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